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New Work


Pleased to have learned my Illustration 'Harry Potter and The (Not) Cursed Child' won Gold for Best Illustration at the Alberta Magazine Awards!

Happy to learn my illustration 'A Way Out of The Immigration Crisis' for The Wall Street Journal  was selected by American Illustration for the 38th Illustration Awards Annual!

New Portraits added: 'Most Powerfiul Women in Banking' for American Banker magzaine.

New Portrait added: 'NBA Season Stat Leaders' for Bleacher Report.

New Portrait added: 'Lebron James (Hollywood Player)' for The LA Times.

New Portrait Added: 'Chris Lee' cover for ISO & Agent magazine.

New Portrait Added: 'The Acquisition' for The LA Times.

New Portraits added: 'Raheem Sterling' and 'Victory' for The New York Times. 

New Portrait added: 'The Brandt's' for the Cleveland Mechanical & Plumbing Industry Council.

New Illustrations added: 'Eastbay Legacy' and 'Sneaker Stars' for The LA Times.

Excited to have learned my illustration ‘A way Out of The Immigration Crisis’ for The Wall Street Journal was chosen for inclusion in this years Applied Arts Illustration Awards Annual! Thank you to all the judges!

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