New Illustration added: "Football Is Dead' for GOAL.

New Portrait added: 'Travis Scott, Rockets Inspiration' for The Bleacher Report Kicks.

New Portraits added: 'Lebron Kicks', 'Irving & Durant Kicks' and Curry Kicks' for The Bleacher Report Kicks.

I’m thrilled to finally share what I’d been working on over the past year! The Folio Society just announced the first ever illustrated edition of The Godfather! It was an absolute honour to work on Mario Puzo’s masterpiece and a dream working with The Folio Society. I created the cover and slipcase art as well as 12 interior illustrations, 2 of which are double page spreads. I’m very proud of how it turned out. You can learn more and purchase the book here... 
New Illustrations added: The Godfather series illustrations; 'Slipcase Cover Art' 'Taped Gun' 'Kay Adams' 'Johnny Fontane' 'A Message To Woltz' 'The Don Is Shot' 'The Assassination of Luca Brasi' 'The Murder of Don Fanucci' 'Sonny's Death' 'Don Vito Corleone' 'Apollonia' and 'Jules' Medical Bag' and 'Succession - Don Michael Corleone' for The Folio Society.

New Illustrations added: 'Home for the Holidays' for Reader's Digest Canada.

New Portrait and Illustration added: 'Robert Dixon' and 'Dixon Donation' for Leap magazine.

Happy to have learned a few of my illustrations were winners of the Hiii Illustration 2019 awards! ‘Cost of War’ was named one of the Best Of The Best and ‘The Riddle of the Sphinx’ and 'Samurai Shakespeare’ received Merit Awards. Thanks again to all the judges I’m very appreciative.

Very happy to have learned my Illustration ‘Cost of War’ for Legion magazine was a winner in this years 3x3 International Illustration Annual No. 17 and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ for the Finnish National Ballet was given an honourable mention. Thanks so much to 3x3 and all the judges!

So honoured to have had my illustration ‘Cost of War’ for Legion magazine win The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Patrick Nagel Award for Excellence. Thanks again to the Society and all the judges!