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New Work


New Portrait added: 'Edgar Martinez' for the Seattle Times celebrating his upcoming induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame!

New Portrait aded: 'Double Trouble' for The LA Times.

'New Illustration added: ‘Cost of War’ for Legion magazine. The incalculable and evolving cost of war of Afghanistan-related psychological wounds. The Kandahar operations coincide with the period of increase in PTSD and Operational Stress Injury (OSI).

New Portrait added: 'DUBS: Live from San Francisco' for Rush job. Rush job over the weekend, unfortunately won't be published. A take on the famous VIBE magazine cover 'Live from Death Row' Here with NBA Golden State Warriors All-Stars. Would have been used had Kevin Durant returned to the GSW.

Happy Canada Day! Laura Secord, Canadian Heroine #CanadaDay 🇨🇦

New Portrait added: 'The Drake Curse is Over' Portrait of Drake for Bleacher Report. Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors!

New Portrait added: 'Dan Aykroyd' for Canadian Geographic magazine,

New Illustration added: 'Storming Juno' Canada's Daring Victory at Juno beach. 75th anniversary of the Second World War's invasion of Normandy. Cover for Canada's History magazine.

Pleased to have learned my Illustration 'Harry Potter and The (Not) Cursed Child' won Gold for Best Illustration at the Alberta Magazine Awards!

Happy to learn my illustration 'A Way Out of The Immigration Crisis' for The Wall Street Journal  was selected by American Illustration for the 38th Illustration Awards Annual!

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