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New Work


New Portrait added: 'Hail Rodgers' for Bleacher Report.

New Portrait added: 'Harry Potter and The (Not) Cursed Child' for Avenue magazine.

New Illustration added: 'A Way Out of the Immigration Crisis' for The Wall Street Journal.

New Illustration added: 'Grateful to You' private commision.

New Portrait added: 'Kate & Andrew' commissioned wedding gift by Canadian Geographic for Andrew Prossin (founder of One Ocean Expeditions) and Kate Dunn.

Portraits added: 'Stella Thomson' and 'Malcolm Azania' for Alberta University's New Trail magazine.

New Portrait added: 'Bust Out The Bronze (Randy Moss)'

New Illustration added: 'Have You Heard' for Eighteen Bridges magazine.

New Portrait added: 'The Block!' For the The La Times. 3rd of three Lebron James illustrations for The La Times This one envisioning his famous block against Andre Iguodala from the 2016 finals but now in Lakers purple and gold! 
New Portraits added: "Alan Trammell and Jack Morris for The Detroit Free Press.

The US premiere of Another Brick In The Wall, debuted over the weekend at Cincinnati Opera  Thrilled to have been asked to do the poster art. As a lifelong fan of Floyd can't say how elated I am to have even tangentially worked in their universe!

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