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New Work


New Illustration added: 'Memories of Ukraine' for Eighteen Bridges magazine.

New Portrait added: 'End Game' for New Scientist magazine.

New Portrait added: 'Oh Myyy' (portrait of George Takei) for Avenue magazine.

I'm happy to announce my portrait of 'Tom Brady' has been chosen as one of the winners of Creative Quarterly 49 and  'Laura Secord' a runner up! Thanks to all the Judges.

New Illustration added: "The Mefloquine Matter' for Legion magazine.

New Portrait added: 'Cleveland Tweets' for Crain Cleveland Business.

New Illustrations added: 'Skull Study' and 'Raven Study' 

New Portrait added: 'Jeff Bagwell' for The Houston Chronicle celebrating his induction to The Hall of Fame.

New Portrait added: 'Trump's Presidency-Huntington's America' for The Washington Post.

New Illustration added: 'Enemy Within' for New Scientist magazine.

New Illustration added: 'Laura Secord' for Avenue magazine.

New Portraits added: 'Change Makers' for Crain Communications Inc.

New Illustration added: 'Elderly Theft' for Investment News magazine.

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